Does Genting Dream Cruise Have Casino ?

Embark on the Genting Dream Cruise experience and discover if casino gaming is part of its oceanic offerings.

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Yes, the Genting Dream cruise ship does have a casino.

Casino Name: Casino on Genting Dream

Website: Genting Dream

Address: The casino is located onboard the Genting Dream cruise ship.

Phone Number: Specific phone number for the casino is not provided, but you can contact Dream Cruises at +65 6808 2288.

Types of Games: The specific types of games available in the casino are not listed on the website. However, cruise ship casinos typically offer a variety of games including slot machines, blackjack, poker, roulette, and others.

Opening Hours: The opening hours for the casino are not provided on the website. Generally, cruise ship casinos open when the ship is at sea and close while in port.

Please note that the availability of games and opening hours can vary, and it’s recommended to check directly with the cruise line for the most accurate information.

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