Explore the intricacies of Singapore’s gambling landscape, delving into its laws and regulations to understand the legalities of gaming in this Southeast Asian hub.

Singapore’s stance on gambling is a stringent one, with the government ensuring a tight grip on the regulation of gambling activities. This regulation is administered through a series of legislative acts, including the Casino Control Act, the Gambling Control Act, and the Gambling Regulatory Authority of Singapore Act1. In this article, we delve into the specifics of gambling laws in Singapore.

Gambling Regulatory Authority of Singapore

The Gambling Regulatory Authority of Singapore (GRA) is a statutory board that falls under the Ministry of Home Affairs of Singapore2. Established on August 1, 2022, the GRA replaced the Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore (CRA) as the body responsible for regulating gambling in Singapore2.

Casinos in Singapore

In Singapore, casinos are allowed as part of integrated resorts (IR) such as Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa1. In these integrated resorts, the casinos exist within expansive property landscapes, boasting hotels, convention facilities, entertainment shows, theme parks, high-end retail stores, and fine dining establishments1.

Lotteries in Singapore

Singapore Pools holds the unique distinction of being the sole operator legally permitted to run lotteries within the country1.

Private Establishments and Gambling

Under the Licensing Regime, private establishments such as recreational clubs and societies that wish to host gambling activities are required to apply for a license3.

Online Gambling

Online gambling faces a stricter law in Singapore – it is illegal unless licensed or exempted4.

Social Gambling

From August 1, 2022, social gambling became legal in the form of playing games like mahjong and poker with family and friends at home5.

In conclusion, gambling activities in Singapore are generally prohibited unless they are exempted or licensed6. The Singapore government adopts a prescriptive approach in regulating gambling, drafting its legislation in broad language to provide the authorities with the flexibility they need to enforce action against the gambling activities they wish to regulate7.

For further information, you can refer to the detailed resources provided by Singapore Legal Advice, Reed Smith, and Ministry of Home Affairs Singapore.

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