Brad Owen Net Worth 2023: Unveiling the Poker Pro’s Staggering Earnings

Discover Brad Owen’s net worth in 2023! Dive into his impressive poker winnings, YouTube presence, and more.

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1. Who is Brad Owen ?

Bradley Owen, born in 1988 in Santa Rosa, California, has become a household name in the world of poker. With his competitive spirit, Owen has managed to accumulate an impressive net worth through poker tournaments, YouTube earnings, and other ventures. But just how much is Brad Owen’s net worth in 2023?

1.1. Net Worth & Earnings

As of 2023, Brad Owen’s net worth stands at an astonishing $2.8+ million. This significant sum is a combination of his poker winnings, earnings from his thriving YouTube channel, and endorsements on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

2. Poker Achievements

Brad Owen’s prowess at the poker table is undeniable. His remarkable standings in the WSOP, one of the world’s most prestigious poker tournaments, serve as proof. Here’s a glimpse of his top 5 cashes:

  • 587th place in 2020 WSOP Online NLH Millionaire Maker $25M, pocketing $13,160.
  • 133rd position in 2020 WSOP NLH Millionaire Maker $5M with $7,064 earnings.
  • 196th spot in 2017 WSOP, taking home $6,202.
  • 15th rank in 2022 WPT Choctaw, bagging $5,660.
  • 113th standing in 2018 WSOP, earning a neat $5,166.

3. Digital Presence & Social Earnings

Brad isn’t just a poker pro; he’s also a digital influencer.

3.1. YouTube

Brad’s YouTube channel boasts a staggering 685k subscribers. Through his channel, he provides insights into his poker strategies, shares personal experiences, and collaborates with fellow poker enthusiasts. The ad revenues and partnerships on this platform have significantly contributed to his salary and overall net worth.

3.2. Instagram & Twitter

Brad’s digital influence doesn’t end with YouTube. On Instagram, he has garnered 72k followers, and on Twitter, he has a following of 56k. These platforms not only increase his visibility but also supplement his earnings through endorsements and collaborations.

4. Media Appearances

Brad Owen’s expertise and charisma have led him to be featured in various poker magazines, such as Card Player Magazine and PokerNews. Moreover, his skills earned him an invitation to TV shows, including the renowned “Poker Night in America.”

In conclusion, Brad Owen’s journey from Santa Rosa to becoming a poker sensation is truly inspiring. His significant net worth, accumulated from poker winnings, digital earnings, and media appearances, reflects his dedication and prowess in the world of poker. With the growing number of followers and the poker tournaments ahead, it seems Brad’s net worth is set to rise even further in the coming years.

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